Easter Parade

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Easter means so much to many different people including life, purity and rebirth. An ideal time to get married one might say, as you are starting anew in your wedded life after all.

Colour starts to arrive in abundance as flowers awake from their wintry slumber, assaulting our senses with their rainbow of colours and glorious aromas.

1.Bouquet  2.Bridesmaid Dresses 3.Stationary 

There is also the contrast of crisp and fragile within this period evoking thoughts of the snappy coldness still in the air on the bright sunny mornings, yet the fragility of the sparkling dew floating on cobwebs and spring blossom.

1. Table setting   2. Bridal gown

And who could miss out the eggs, it is Easter after all:))

1.Egg Hunt Sign   2.Egg cups  3.Embellished Easter eggs

Happy Easter everyone from all at SWY xxxx

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